This bhajan translation was the combined efforts of Narad Romaguera and Leela using the book Streams of Love as a guide. Recently Leela changed the first verse after the influence of Amrit Desai.

Poetic English Rendering by Narad and Leela Bruner 1984-2005 all rights reserved


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The Highest Goal
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The Highest Goal

If the faults of others is all you see

Holding them in your heart constantly.

Your own heart will become soiled with impurity

And you won't perceive the grace of God in thee . . .


So . . . . . . . .seeking to be just like the honey bee

Do not leave the pretty flowers' company:

May good people always your companions be.

Don't keep friends that wallow in the mud and dirt,

Crawling like a bumbling black bug so ugly:

Do not be distracted by the wrong you see . . . . . . .


So . . . . . . . think of all the qualities of the saintly:

As pure as the pearls, they shine with clarity;

Like a swan feed on this opportunity.

Don't join arms with those who act evil and cruel,

Squirming on the ground so crudely,

Living in the dungheap very happily. . . . . . . . . . . .


So . . . . . . . if you seek the faults of all with impunity,

You will never quite see your own vanity

And your faults will thus remain persistingly.

The many-curved camel to the dog declares:

"What a curious thing you have little doggy

You have 'one' curve on your tail, naughty! naughty!" . . . .


So . . . . . . . .do not neglect satsanga regularly

Or your dirty habits will not cease to be

And the Sadaguru's grace won't reach to thee.

"Kripalu" says closeness with your Guruji

Will remove from your eyes all disharmony

And the Lord Himself you'll soon behold indeed . . . .








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uttam aadarsha

avaguna koinaa jo sho nai, antara melun karasho nai, antara melun karasho jo to govindaji ne gamasho nai . . . .


ho . . . . . madhamaakhi jovaa thaajo ne sanga sumanano tajasho nai, kamaniya kunjamaan vasajo jai,

Meli maakhi jevaa thaine, melaa para banabana sho nahi, avale raste chadhasho nahi . . . . . . . . .


ho . . . . . . santanaa guno moti ganine, chanavaanun tame chukasho nahi, hansapanun kadi bhulasho nahi,

goli vaali chhanani, vahaalaa!gungaa jevaa banasho nahi, bhundaanmaan jai bhalasho nahi . . . . . . . .


ho . . . . . paranaa doshaa jovaa jaataan, nijanaa doshaa jadashe nahi, ghatani gandaki ghatashe nahi,

adhaara vaankaan oontanaan ango, toya kahe kutaraane jai - "daanki puchhadi saari nahi" . . . . . . .


ho . . . . satsanga jalathi snaana karyaa vina durmati durgati talashe nahi, tyaan sudhi sadguru malashe nahi,

'Kripaalu' sadguru malataan, dashtimaan dosho takashe nahi, daamodara dura raheshe nahi . . . . .



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