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Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not!

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not! Beloved (2)

Just come see the golden dawn

blossom like a rosebud's yawn!

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not Beloved . . . . . . .. .


"Krishna! Krishna!" the parrots say,

"Won't You come right out to play?"

Listen to the sparrows sing;

To their hearts, love You bring

In the yard the peacocks prance,

just for You, they do a dance!

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Please come see Your dearest calf.

She won't eat on Your behalf!

Anxiously she waits for You:

On Your path, she wants a view.

Ganga has her grass to eat,

but Your darshan is more sweet!

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .


There's water in this glass golden;

To brush Your teeth a fresh green stem.

Smell this fragrance heavenly

For Your bath delightfully.

After that You'll choose a treat:

Milk, butter or milk that's sweet.

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"Kripalu"!!! Scolds all Your friends:

Our happiness on You depends.

Get up! Get up! Hurry fast.

How long will our patience last?

If You don't wake up and get dressed,

how will You look Your best?

Beloved, wake up Lord, sleep not . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



This bhajan was crafted by Leela with the help of word for word translation given by Vinit Muniji at Pransali, India 1983.


English only copyright Leela Bruner 1985 all rights reserved


Gujarati Calligraphy by Leela


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Vahaalaa ootho vrajanaath! Vahaalaa ootho vrajanaath! jaraa jue to kharaa! oovyun suvarn prabhaat, Vahaalaa ootho vrajnaath! .......


"Krishna! Krishna" kahe chhe aa popat ne menaa, chin chin kare chhe aa chaklioni senaa, chokamaan kare chhe mora sundar naacha, vahaalaa ootho vrajanaath! ..........


Dhaave naa tamaari vhaali vaa chha ra di, adhiri bani e viloke vaataladi, khati nathi gangaa ghaasano graas, vahaalaa ootho, vrajanaath! ......


Sonaani loti maan lilerun daatan chhe, sugandhe bharelun magha maghatun naavan chhe, snaan pachhi lejo dudha, maakhan, ke chhaasha, vahaalaa ootho, vrajanaath! ..........


'Kripaalu"ji! thapako sakhaa sahu aapashe, jaago! jaago!! dahelaa paar kyaare aavashe? sajasho shi rite pachhi alabelo thaath? Vahaalaa ootho, vrajanaath! ........