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Transliterated version of Gujarati below the Gujarati and English translated versions.

Forever Kindle the Flame of Faith

Always keep the flame of faith kindled in your heart

And take special care that it never will burn out.

True devotees are not cheated by illusion

Others can't hurt them, trusting God they don't have doubt. . . . .


The Lord is everything, He understands all things in all ways.

At His feet you offer now, all your love and your self with joy.

Offer all your life and wealth to Him today,

And this gift to Him never ever do default . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Happiness and sorrow are the gifts He bestows on us all.

Why should we fear a thing when God is Protector eternal?

By surrender at the Almighty's holy feet,

The Master's candor and sincerity you'll have no doubt. . . . . . .


Beloved, my mind and intellect are dirty and impure.

Moreover, with this mind, this body is dirty for sure.

Without devotion all of this faith will not stay

We must trust in God for our sins to wash out . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Everything eventually gets destroyed so why be unhappy?

And sometimes, everything will increase so why be so happy?

Keep your mind fixed just in "Kripalu's" holy feet

And with firmness never let it sway about . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This bhajan was translated by Leela with the aid of the book Streams of Love from Kripalu Ashram, Pennsylvania. and with the help of Vinit Muniji in Pransali, india

Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1984 all rights reserved

Gujarati Calligraphy and transliteration by Leela


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Shradthaani Jyoti Akhand Jalati Rahe

Taaraa antaramaan shradtaani jalati jyoti jo je holavaaya na,

Prabhu bhakto to maayaanaa latakaa joi kdiye bholavaaya naa...........


Pahelaan Prabhune parama samartha sanaji, arpyaan charne tana-mana snehe harkhi;

have arpelun jivanana dhan, visha! paachhun levaaya naa ........


Sukha ke duahkha de temaan taarun hida chhe, hati chhe taaro rakshaka pachhi shi bika chhe?

nija svaamini sunishthaa maanhi shankaa, sharanaagatathi thaya naa.....


Viraa meli buddhi melun mana chhe, teni saathe vali aa melun tana chhe;

Prabhu bhaktinaa aadhaara vinaa, emanaa melo dhovaaya naa..........


Saghalun gate-tale to ye duahkha shun?

sagalun rahe-vadhe to ye sukhashun?

eka Kripaalu naa charanomaanthi chitta,

kadi chali jaaya naa ........





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