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Dear Baby Krishna

Dear Baby Krishna

Small little baby Krishna and His tiny cows stroll by,

To the town of Vraj all of His itty-bitty friends ally.

His pure little small feet are kissing the land to purify.

The dust of Vraj is competition, heaven can verify . . . . . .


Prancing ahead the fragrance of the wind and flowers does fly.

Angels in heaven feel a twang in their hearts, this sight appears too high.

Sweet voices of the parrots are singing: Krishna they glorify.

Boy peacocks are dancing in rhythm but lady peacocks feel shy . . . .


Krishna's face is flickering a smile, the Jamuna He does eye,

All our hearts are fluttering so fast, we can't even hear a sigh.

The leaves and branches bow to fan Him, their love to satisfy.

Tiny stones are sprinkled with flowers, His path to beautify . . . . . .


Krishna's glance will make the sun cooler, the heat will modify.

Over the head of the small little dark one, clouds cover up the sky.

Look here comes Lord "Kripalu" Himself, our luck does multiply.

The importance to the people of Vraj, nobody can reply . . . .

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Swami Kripalvanandaji's bhajan was translated by Leela withthe help of the book Steams of Love. Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1984 all rights reserved


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Cows came searching for a sneak peak of Baby Krishna at the Rainbow's End and Power of Love Temple



naanakado aa nandalaala naani naani gaay,

naanaa naanaa sakhaa saathe vraja bhani jaay,

enaan paavana pagakaan chumi vrajabhumi harakhay,

vrajani raja banavaane kaaje vaikkuntha vyaakulathaay . . . . . . . .


samira ne sugandhi bane aagala aagala dhaay,

govardhana nija gurutaathi antaramaan akalaay,

madhuraa svarathi menaa-popata govindanaa guna gaay,

thaii thaii moralaa naache dhaeladio shara maay . . . . . . .


mohanajinun mukhadun bhaali kaalindi malakaay,

kaalajadaanaa dhabakaaraao dura sudhi sanbhalaay,

vinjanaa vije vrikshanaan parno, daali namaave kaay,

kaankaraa-sankvaa pushpo patha varashe patha raay . . . . .


shyaamanin darshana karatun surya snekaathi shitala thay.

to ye shyaamanaa mastak opara vaadaliyo vintalaay,

darshana devaa 'Kripaalu' svaami svathan aamo jaay,

vrajvaasinaa bhaagyano mahimaa kothi naa kthay . . . . . . . . .




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