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Go within deep down internally

Stop the mind from all activity,

Dwell on Shri Hari and Him only

Forget all else and God you'll see . . . . .


The clouds of darkness will go away

When knowledge shines to light your way,

Old sins will burn to ash today

When good deeds rise up here to stay . . . . . .


If the Lord is milk then let me be

Like sweet sugar to melt in Thee!

With that suffering and death will flee

And from all disease be ever free . . . . . . . . .


Shri "Kripalu" love incarnate

Never again from me do separate:

With this peace and joy will radiate

And endless bliss will be my state . . . . . . . .

English transliteration is at bottom of this page

Much appreciation to Veena Bhupendra Panchal for helping with the translation of this Bhajan. Words crafted into English to be sung to the same melody by Leela. Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1979 all rights reserved


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Chittavruttine sanke li

oonde Uramaan ootaraje,

eka Shrihari ja joje,

bijun badhun visaraje . . . . . .


agnaanatimira talasho,

ne gnaanateja malashe,

punyo navaan prakatashe

paapi junaan prajalashe . . . . .


Hari dudha chhe tun temaan

saakara samo pigalaje,

ethi duahkha, roga, mrityu

tane naa kadi pajavashe . . . . .


'Kripaalu' Krishna swaami

alago fari na karashe,

pachhi sukha, shaanti saathe

aanandamaan vicharaje . . . . . .


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