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Mother Kundalini

From his throat the sounds thunder all day

Dwelling on the Lord is the yogi!

Rama, Rama, Ram chimes with delight

When the consciousness abides just right! . . . . .


At the threshold of the tenth door

Divine nectar flows and like the rain it pours!

The devotee's tongue tastes sweetest food

And receives wisdom and eternal truth! . . .


Kundalini then wakens to play

In the form of divine Shakti energy!

She advances riding to the top

Passive as a corpse is his body! . . . . . . .


She looks at first fearsome today

Best of all Mothers, she is kindly.

Infinite love dwells within her heart:

She's the favorite form of the Yogi! . . . . . . .


The stream of love is the Mother's way

And the only shelter of the Yogi!

Disturbing forms of anger and lust

In Her love dissolve very rapidly! . . . . . . .


Shri "Kripalu" is the one who knows

The uniqueness that Mother Divine unfolds!

She's Destroyer, Sustainer, Creator:

She's the only goal his eye beholds! . . . . . . . . . . .

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This bhajan was originally crafted by Narad Romaguera and Leela and is prone to periodic tweeking.

Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1985 all rights reserved

Gujarati Calligraphy by Leela


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Bhagvati Kundalini


Naadajidhi ghughave re! yogi keraa kanthamaan ho ji!

Ramadhdani oothe vaarandaara chitta thare danthamaan ho ji! . . . . .


Dashamaan draaramaan re! rasanaa . . . bhinjati ho ji!

varase tyaan amrutani dhaar satya gnaana sinchati ho ji! . . . .


Kaalikaanaa rupamaan re! kundalini jaagati ho ji!

shaba para bani ne svaara aage aage chaacati ho ji! . . . . .


Dise daraamani re! dyaamayi maavadi ho ji!

ene haiye heta apaar, yogine mana bhavati ho ji! . . . . . .


Yogine aasharo re! maanaa sneha sro tano ho ji!

kopine e karti anhaar kaam ne drodhano ho ji! . . . . .


Yogi 'Kripaalu' re! olakhe maane eklo ho ji!

e ja Brahma-Vishnu - Vishvanaath, avarane naa dekhato ho ji! . . . . .




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