The Final Moment

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The Final Moment

Dear Lord! Now please come to help me cross o'er the ocean.

With Your hand give me strength, for when I swim I do tire,

No, not anybody else has stayed to help this one . . . . . . . . .


I don't have a boatman, I don't even have a boat,

And I don't have a single companion.

The only plunge that I'll take, is in Your trust!

Please accept me and grant me Your protection . . . . . . .


Numerous lifetimes, I've indulged in many sins,

And this bundle of guilt rests upon my head.

It is at Your holy feet that I come to surrender:

Let Your unconditional love transform me instead . . . . . . .


My heart's been longing while many eons have passed

And it seems like my life's flame is dimming.

I am hankering for Your grace, beloved "Kripalu"!

At this final moment, my soul rescuing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Antima ghadi

Hari! have to paara utaaro!

Bhuja balathi hun tarine thaakyo,

na rahyo anya sahaaro . . . . . . . .


Na malyo naavija, naa mali naikaa,

na malyo koi sathavaaro,

tamaare bharose bhusko men maatyo,

jevo chhun tevo nibhaavo . . . . . . .


Janmo janmano chhun apraadhi,

shira para paapano bhaaro,

sharanaagata bani charanomaan aavyo,

patitapaavan! apanaavo . . . . . . .


Pratikshaa kartaan koti juga dityaa,

jivana dipa khakhavaayo,

anugraha apthe talasun 'Kripaalu'!

antima ghdi chhe aavo . . . . .

Thanks to Vinit Muniji and his patiently going over each word for word of this bhajan with Leela so that she could craft it to fit the melody and rhythms of the original.

music c.d.

Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1984 all rights reserved

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