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The Glory of the Saints

The Glory of the Saints

With the sight of the Saint all sadness will die

And with the sight of a Saint happiness comes by.

His holy form is pure and this is why:

Mohana is in his mind, on a throne so high . . . . . . . . .


t is most auspicious, the day on which you see Him

Opening up the closed doors to the heart that is within.

By the dust of the Saint's feet good luck will ratify,

Yes! With the sight of a Saint happiness comes by . . . . . .


Lifetimes of impurities are collected in the mind,

Yet within a moment the Saint will wash the spots of time.

The heavenly nectar of His love will purify

Yes! With the sight of a Saint happiness comes by . . . . . . .


The blind live in darkness, thus they cannot know beauty,

The deaf can not hear the sweet music of this melody.

To know a Saint, it takes another Saint to verify

Yes! With the sight of a Saint happiness comes by . . . . . . . .


The Lord of Devotees and the devotee are the same.

Liberation is the sweet gift of the Saint's selfless aim.

His light sparks other lights in God they unify.

Yes! With the sight of a Saint happiness comes by . . . . . . . . .


Surrender to the Saint frees our life's chain of pain and strife.

Without that it's impossible to sail our boats through life.

"Kripalu" one sight of You, my life will rectify

Yes! With the sight of a Saint happiness comes by . . . . . . . .

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Vinit Muni really could relate to Bapuji's bhajans about saints and he enjoyed spending days with Leela going over word for word translations so that she could render them into English.Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1984 all rights reserved


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Santano Mahimaa

santanaan darshanathi duahkha jaay, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay,

jeni parama pavitra chee kaay, jenaa manamaan mohanan raay . . . . . . .


darshanano dina parvano dhaado, ooghade antaranaan bandha draaro,

santani padarja punye pamaay, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay . . . . . . .


janmo janmanaa melo manamaan, dhobi sana dhue palabharamaan,

svargiya snehanun amrita paay, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay . . . . .


sundarataane andha na jaane, sangitanaa svar badhira na maane,

santo santothi parakhaay, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay . . . . .


harinaa bhakto harinaa jevaa, santani sevaa mokshanaa mevaa,

jyotithi jyoti otpanna thaay, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay . . . . .


bhavani naukaa santanun sharanun, e vina dutlabha paara ootaravun,

'Kripaalu' antima aa opaaya, santanaan darshanathi sukha thaay . . . . .


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