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I will even die for You, my Lord

I will even die for You, my Lord

With happiness I'll live if it's what You wish today;

With unhappiness I'll live if You send it my way.

There is nothing at all that I wish to say;

My whole life I will spend to follow Your way . . . . . . .


I will give up those things which You do not find okay;

I will do what You like in the manner You say.

Wealth and comfort do not my attention sway;

In You company my heart sings the whole day . . . . . . .


Money and belongings do not my hunger mislay;

With truth only I desire to associate my stay.

To me family members no attachment convey;

From all worldly temptations I am staying away . . . . . . . .


Dearest Lord, please give me pure thoughts each and every day:

So that always on the path of love to stroll I may.

This fire of illusion let me firmly allay;

For my deepest desire is at Your feet to lay . . . . . . . . . .


Countless births have I wasted up till now in dismay;

For the heights of the spirit in this life, I do pray.

To You merciful "Kripalu" my heart I display;

For You in this lifetime, I will accept death as pay . . . . . . . .

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Enrique Romaguera and Leela translated this song so that it could be sung using the translation in the book Streams of Love in 1979.

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Aapanaa kaaje Maravun Chhe

sukha aapo to maare levun chhe,

duhkha aapo to te sahevun chhe,

mukhathi kani nava kahevun chhe,

jema aapa raakho tema rahevun chhe . . . . . . . .


ho aapane anagamatun je je,

te te ja badhun paraharavun chhe,

ane je je gamatun hoya ghanun,

te te ja sadaa aacharavun chhe . . . . . . . . .


Dhana- vaibhavani mane bhukha nathi,

sat-sangatathi mana narvun* chhe, (*saarun)

nathi kaamanaa patni-putra tani,

have mohajale naa padavun chhe . . . . . . . .


basa premanaa panthe priyatam prabhu!

shuddha, nishrvala manthi vicharavun chhe,

bhadabhadato agni paara karine pan,

aapanaa charane viramavun chhe . . . . . . . . . .


men agnita janmo vyartha gumaavyaa,

have jivanan saarthaka karavun chhe,

aa janme to svaami 'Kripaalu'

eka aapanaa kaaje maravun chhe . . . . . . ..

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