Cosmic Identity
English transliteration Below

Cosmic Identity

Lord its Thee that I've seen with these eyes lovingly,

Life of this universe, You are everything to me.

I'm awake from my sleep and it's You that I see

In the water or on land lingers Your memory . . . . . . .


Many flowers I string on this path of bhakti

Behold in this garland smiles the Lord handsomely.

With this garland what to do? Someone please tell me!

I see Your form there and here also, Hari . . . . . . . . . .


I put oil in my lamp and light the wick fondly

And there in the wick, Your eyes twinkle divinely.

So now who can tell me how to offer fire to Thee?

You light up the whole world and fill all entirely. . . . . .


Once I looked in the mirror and say Your face clearly

Then I knew that we do not live separately.

So now who do I worship? Someone tell me quickly!

My Lord "Kripalu" we have merged completely. . . . .

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Gujarati calligraphy by Leela

Viniti Muniji spent many days with Leela in 1983 going over each bhajan with word for word translations and then explaining any grey areas. Later after returning to America Leela crafted these bhajans to fit the meaning and melodies.

Poetic English Rendering by Leela Bruner 1984 all rights reserved


If you would like to hear these bhajans in person.

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jagajivananani mane jhankhi thai

maaraan nayanothi, sakhi! ninda sari,

jhabaki jhabaki join jivanane

jeni jalarthalamaan rame ramya chhabi . . . . . . .


fulahaara gunthi pekhun pantha, ali!

tyan to haaramaan hasataa janaaya hari,

pachhi thaara chadhaavun kone kahe?

jyaan join tyaan murti khadi ne khadi . . . . . . . .


ghrita purine jyoti jgaahun jari

tyaan to jyotimaan hari saathe aankha mali

pachhi aarati koni ootaarun kahe?

jyaan srishti samasta harithi bhari . . . . . . . . .


maarun mukha men darpane joyun, ali!

tyaare jaanayun hun jivanarupa bani,

pachhi bhakti karun kahe koni? akhi!

e 'Kripaalu' e mujane svarupa kari . . . . . . .

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