#1. Bhajan Fever I

Leela Bruner sings Kripalu Bhajans in English that she translated from Gujarati with the help of her guru brothers and sisters. Melodies and rhyming patterns are similar to original. These are sung 'ack-a-pella' in Power of Love Temple.


#2. Bhajan Fever II

16 more of the 44 translations are included in this Cd. (Bhajan Fever III yet to be created.) Again this is sung 'ach-a-pella' in the temple.


#3. Temple dhuns

These are good sample of the chants that we sing in the temple. Leela singing alone with no back ground instruments so you can hear each word. Paper with words included.


#4. Bhajans in Ahmedabad

Suresh Bhagat Patel and Leela Bruner sing Kripalu Bhajans in Ahmedabad, India in 1983. Bhagat sings a verse in Gujarati and then Leela sings the translated verse in English - back and forth. A rare Cd.


#5. Echoes of the Heart

For 5 years Leela cried for Bapuji to come to her. In the process she wrote many devotional songs in her meditation room. She sings and plays all the instruments on all the tracks and recorded it in a sound studio prior to 1978. Very personal.

#6. Ganesh Puja

In 1993, Sai Premi (Dr. Balakrishnan) of Chenai, India came to Ralston and performed a Ganesh Puja at Leela and Dale's home. This Cd has beautiful lecture on Ganesh in English, along with 6 Ganesh chants, other chants and the puja itself.

#7. Muniji sings Bhajans

Vinit Muniji and Leela sing Kripalu's bhajans in Gujarati only. This was recorded in 1983 at Kripalu Muni Mandala Ashram, when Vinit Muni went over each bhajan word for word with Leela to help her in the translation process.

#8 Toad City LineUp

Leela's late brother, Dave Patterson used to only play for his sister and send cassette tapes to her. This is beautiful popular American music - very relaxing with touches of musical humor. All guitar, no singing. You'll amaze that it is just 'the Toad' playing and not even sound on sound. A favorite.

Music is a major part of our devotion at Power of Love Temple. We like to share this music with you so that when you come visit you can easily join in singing with us at Satsangas or just enjoy them as if you were in the temple. Many were recorded in the temple.

We would like to send you a Cd for a minimum donation of $10. This is our gift to you as we believe that generosity breeds generosity. Specify which Cd you would like to have or let the higher forces pick for you.

You must put Cd or Cd and the number in the memo on your check or we assume that it is a 'no strings attached' gift. These Cd's are only available here. Add $10 if you would like a subscription to Rainbow Review, the temple's newsletter.



All of these compact disks were made 'in house'. All have individual tracks for each song. Detailed lists of the songs are available upon request.


Contact Leela

to see what is available and for the mailing address.


leave a message on the answering machine with your phone number.




Why are there no shipping and postage fees?

This is our gift to you.... since when do you ask for postage for a gift. If you want to help with shipping, great. If not that is fine also. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

Set of 10 Cd's. Kripalu himself singing his bhajans and dhuns. Recorded in India. These are for educational purposes. Cd's mastered on separate tracks. Sets can be sponsored at cost to be given in Temples in India and America.

Not offered individually. You can specify which temple you would like to sponsor a set for, or let us choose.


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