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Words are not enough to tell you how much all the people who enjoy Power of Love Temple appreciate your support. Sooooo a whole line of gifts have been created which allow you to donate on many levels and receive an appreciation Thank You. These items are unique to the temple and are only available here. Please click on each item for information and suggested donor levels - ranging from $5 up. We believe that generosity breeds generosity.

No Strings Attached Gifts

Astrological Yantra no longer available

Holy Smoke

Music C.d.'s

Goddess Images -wood


Clocks and Books

Bell Ringing Service

More Stuff Including:

Music Appreciation C.d.'s, Amber Incense, Loess Hills Greeting Cards, Crystal Lady Greeting cards, Ceramic Stoneware Vases

We are happy to offer these items as a special thank you for your support
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