To give just because it is good to support a good thing and not expect anything in return is one of the highest forms of gift giving. It shows a high level of non-attachment. All gifts that come to Power of Love Temple that are not specified with any of our special Thank You appreciation gifts are considered as No Strings Attached. You will not be bombarded with emails or junk mail..... Your name will never be sold or given to any list without your consent. This is a personal promise. Approximately 1/3 of the financing of Power of Love Temple has come from this form of gift. Many have never even visited the temple. The first $10 of all no strings attached gift goes toward a one year subscription to Rainbow Review, the temple newsletter..... unless you specify 'no newsletter, please'. Power of Love Temple is not a 501c3.... so your gift is not tax exempt. The temple has never had a grant and the largest donation to date (10-05) is $501. Just as every board and screw combined makes the whole - every dollar is a building block to the temple.

What can I say other than 'May God/Goddess bless you.' .... and please try to come visit.

CONTACT LEELA for the address to mail your gift to.

OR CALL 712-545-3287

Thank You Gifts