Yogis have cut down trees and hand split the wood for your ceremonies or fireplaces. We have various amounts for various suggested donations and all the proceeds from this holy smoke go to Power of Love Temple. Most of this wood is either Elm or Oak: trees that Mother Nature volunteered for our service. No green wood. All burns hot.

A cord is 4'x4'x8'. Way too much wood unless you are burning it to keep warm all winter. $200 plus delivery

A rick which is 1/3 a cord: 16"x4'x8' Still a heck of a lot of wood. $108 plus delivery.

1/2 a rick: 16"x4'x4': a large trunk full - you supply the trunk - we'll load it in there for you $54.

1/4 a rick 16"'x2'x4' : a medium size trunk full for the occasional ceremonial or fireplace. $27

a Bundle: anywhere from $5 to $15. Makes a nice gift for someone who has a fireplace or to bring for a ceremony.

Smaller sticks and bark available in limited supply for havans.

Deliver fees dependent on distance to be traveled. email Leela for specifics. LeelaBruner@yahoo.com Holy Smoke available in the Council Bluffs, Iowa / Omaha, Nebraska area.

Firewood for sacred ceremonies
Sriram donates his services.
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