Ever wish you could just pay some one to offer a daily prayer on behalf of a loved one? and then relax knowing that if for some reason you forgot, it is taken care of.

Now that wish can come true, and for a donation of $37us or more a year it works out to a little over 10 cents a day. Many people have had this service done for their pets and for their loved ones who have crossed over - including the 4 legged ones. This is a popular fund raiser and was instrumental in the beginning phase of construction.

Every night Leela rings a 30 pound bronze temple bell with images of Shiva, Kali, Vishnu, Laxmi, Brahma and Saraswati. Leela calls out "God Bless _______", "God Bless ______ and help him with his transition" or "God Bless ______ and thank you for healing him/her." When traveling a small bell is rung.

Some of our neighbors have said that they don't fall asleep at night until they hear the bell ringing out across the Loess hills. Does God here it? Who knows. It doesn't hurt and it might help.



Leela Bruner created this bronze bell and many others from scratch doing her own foundry work at Bellevue University, making her the maker and ringer of Temple Bells.

Background of this page is 60% screen of the temple floor.
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