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Married to Dale Bruner in 1963, Leela still feels blessed to be his wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 7, great-grandmomther of 1, and the founder, sculpture, architect, structural engineer, carpenter, contractor, purchasing agent, fund raiser, historian and clean up goddess for Power of Love Temple. This is only because she did not have the funds to hire any of this done. In the future, Leela plans to give lectures on how to build a temple on $10 day.

Bapuji said in order to accomplish anything it takes 3 things: an idea, money and guts. Ideas are plentiful; money is always available for a good cause, but guts are indeed a rare quality. What Leela lacked in money she made up for in guts. With zero capital, in 1984 she started an advertising, an astrology, and a mail order business to put herself through college to learn sculpture so that she could create this temple. She earned her B.F.A. in sculpture in 1988 and then took 9 more years of sculptural technical problems.

As a child Leela played games such as pick up sticks and building houses out of decks of playing cards. She and her brother would have competitions to see who could build the strongest card fort. The test was to see how many breaths it would take the other person to blow the card house down. This simple game taught Leela a lot about construction and to think like the elements. i.e. How is the wind and rain going to effect the structure?

With the help of several guru brothers and sisters, Leela has translated 44 of Bapuji's bhajans so that they can be sung to the original melodies which are assembled in a Bhajan Fever book and also available on c.d. Leela's favorite activity besides temple building is singing these bhajans and dhuns. Leela still works as a professional astrologer.

Leela with grinder
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