Gujarati Composite Alphabet

Rare Pilgrimage Girishikhara para bandira A FLAME FLICKERS BRIGHTLY AT THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN

You are the Doer, Oh Lord, not I Tari ichchhathi badhun thay ALL THINGS HAPPEN IN YOUR WAY

Forever Kindle the Flame of Faith Tara antaraman shraddhani jalati ALWAYS KEEP THE FLAME OF FAITH KINDLED IN YOUR HEART

Across the Mind Chalo santo manadani pele par AT THE BREAK OF DAWN THE SAINTS ARISE TO PRACTICE YOGA

Give to Me Pure Intellect Priyatam Prabhu hun vianati karun chhun BELOVED LORD, ALMIGHT!

Awakening Vahala utho vrajanath BELOVED, WAKE UP LORD, SLEEP NOT!

A Difficult Riddle Tane Brahma kahun? CAN I SAY THAT YOU ARE GOD?

Rx to Cross All Difficulties Nama Harinum rata pale pale CONSTANTLY REPEAT THE LORD'S NAME EVERY DAY,

A Portrait of Joy Chalo Sakhi! Nandajine gher COME ON, MY FRIEND! COME ON, HONEY!

The Final Moment Hari! Have to para utaro DEAR LORD! NOW PLEASE COME TO HELP ME CROSS O'ER THE OCEAN.

Mother Kundalini Nadanidhi ghugave re FROM HIS THROAT THE SOUNDS THUNDER ALL DAY

Meditation Chitta vrittine sankali unide GO WITHIN DEEP DOWN INTERNALLY

Only Guru's Grace Guru Mara Antarani ankha ugado re GURU GRANT ME THE VISION OF THE INNER HEART!

The Ointment of Knowledge Guruji! Apanan Charanan kamalaman GURUJI, AT YOUR FEET, I OFFER TO THEE MY MIND

The Importance of the Guru Guruji! apaja Brahma, Vishnu GURUJI! ONLY YOU ARE CREATOR AND SUSTAINER.

I am Blushing Guru same jue ne mane laja ave GURU, WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME MY CHEEKS BLUSH A BRIGHT RED!

Realization Nathi pratyaksha pekhato, Prabhu! I AM NOT DIRECTLY SEEING YOU, MY LORD, IT IS TRUE

Baby Krishna's Bath Jamuna jalaman kesara gholi I MIX SAFFRON IN WATER FROM THE RIVER JAMUNA

Service to the Guru Sathe mane rakhajo I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU

The Highest Goal Avaguna koina josho nahi IF THE FAULTS OF OTHERS IS ALL YOU SEE

The Highest Spiritual Practice Aganita sadhana Prabhu milanana JUST TO MEET YOU, MY LORD, WE TRY COUNTLESS WAYS

Only You Sada nayan samipe rejo shri pati KEEP MY EYES CLOSED TO ALL OTHERS

Cosmic Identity Jagajivanani mane jankhe thai LORD ITS THEE THAT I'VE SEEN

Give Me a Broader Mind Mohana Motun mana mane re MOHANA, MAKE MY MIND BROAD IN EVERY WAY

Do not get Diverted from the Lord Shri Hari! Snehe smario eke kshan no visarie MY DEAR LORD, WITH LOVE I THINK OF THEE

Acceptance of Faults Prabhu,aganita avaguna mara MY LORD, A LIST OF MY FAULTS IS NEVER ENDING!

One Time Look at Me with Love Hari! Eka vara nirakho kripa karine mithi ankhadithi MY LORD, MAKE THE GRACE FLOW FROM YOUR EYES

Offering of the Soul Prabhu prasana rahe tema karavun MY LORD, PLEASE KEEP ME HAPPY AND THEN HELP ME


Attainment Arapi chararaman eka Suman OFFERING AT YOUR HOLY FEET, ONE FLOWER ONE.

Keep Your Merciful Eyes on Us Deva dina para daya drashti rakhajo ON THIS POOR ONE, FORGIVING EYES ONE LOOK TO SHOW.

The Importance of Humility Jeni garadan thai gai dhili re ONLY THOSE WHOSE NECKS BECOME AS SOFT AS CLAY

Lord, Have mercy on Me Marun tana melun OH MY BODY IS DIRTY AND MY MIND IS DIRTY

Dear Baby Krishna Nanakado a nandalala nai nani gay SMALL LITTLE BABY KRISHNA AND HIS TINY CLOWS STROLL BY

Divine Guru Tamane pranam TO THE LORD, I BOW, AT YOUR FEET, I BOW

The Theory of One God Guru Ishwara to chhe eka re THE HIGHEST LORD IS ONLY ONE

Protector of Life Vishvanbharane saravani chinta THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE CARES FOR EVERYONE

Compassionate Master Ati dino banine avyo re THIS POOR HUMBLE DEVOTEE HAS COME TO YOU,

My Total Goal Jaya jaya Shrigurudeva dayalu VICTORY, VICTORY TO THE GURU, MERCIFUL MASTER OF ALL

The Importance of A Saint Maha Bhagyathi male sanga WHAT GREAT LUCK IT IS TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH A SAINT!

I will even die for You, my Lord Sukha apo to mare levun chhe WITH HAPPINESS I'LL LIVE IF IT'S WAHT YOU WISH TODAY

The Glory of the Saints Santana darshanathi dukha jay WITH THE SIGHT OF THE SAINT ALL SADNESS WILL DIE

Helplessness Muja jivanano tun ja Swami chhe YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME, MY MASTER ALL THE WAY

Only You Can Help Me Dina dukhino tunja dilaso YOU ARE THE ONLY SOLIACE OF THIS POOR ONE.


Brahmeshwara Aarti Transliterated from Gujarati - Brahmeshwara Aarti English as sung in Power of Love Temple

Kripalu Aarti transliterated - Kripalu Aarti English - Prayers often following Aarti

Jagdish Aarti

Temple Dhuns: Mantras and chants sung in Power of Love Temple

A seclection of Swami Kripalvanandaji Bhajans and Aartis translated into English by Leela Bruner with the help of Vinit Muniji and other gurubrothers and sisters. Details under More Info......
Kripalu Bhajans Base Page

A Difficult Riddle

A Portrait of Joy

Acceptance of Faults

Across the Mind



Baby Krishna's Bath

Brahmeshwara Aarti

Brahmeshwara Aarti transliterated

Compassionate Master

Cosmic Identity

Dear Baby Krishna

Dedication Page

Divine Guru

Do not get Diverted from the Lord

Forever Kindle the Flame of Faith

Gestures of Krishna

Give Me a Broader Mind

Give to Me Pure Intellect

Gujarati Composite Alphabet


I am Blushing

I will even die for You, my Lord

Jagdish Aarti

Keep Your Merciful Eyes on Us

Kripalu Aarti

Lord, Have mercy on Me


Mother Kundalini

My Total Goal

Offering of the Soul

One Time Look at Me with Love

Only Guru's Grace

Only You

Only You Can Help Me


Protector of Life

Rare Pilgrimage


Rx to Cross All Difficulties

Service to the Guru

Temple Dhuns

The Final Moment

The Glory of the Saints

The Ointment of Knowledge

The Highest Goal

The Highest Spiritual Practice

The Importance of Humility

The Importance of A Saint

The Importance of the Guru

The Theory of One God

You are the Doer, Oh Lord, not I



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