bhajan fever book

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bhajan fever

Swami Kripalavanandaji's devotional hymns poetically rendered into English by Leela Bruner

(with the help of many guru brothers and sisters)


$25 plus $5 s&h

*2 CDs available for an addition $5 each when ordered with the book:

These 2 CDs contain 30 bhajans in English sung without instruments by Leela * $10 @ CDs are half price when ordered with book

44 bhajans side by side hand drawn in Calligraphy in Gujarati and English

The Gujarati composite alphabet with English pronounciation,

Kripalu Aarti, Brameshwara Aarti, Jagdish Aarti with English translation Hanuman Chalisa (transliterated only),

Mantras and dhuns that are sung at Power of Love Temple,

photos of the construction & sculptures of Power of Love Temple and of many satsangas and fire ceremonies.

8.5"x11" format. Clear plastic cover and bound so that it can open flat. 156 pgs

*optional 2 CDs special: each containing 15 bhajans (3rd CD in production) sung by Leela without accompaniment so that you can hear the words and melodies.

send check or money order in US funds to:

Power of Love Temple, 22378 Mudhollow Road, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 • 712-545-3287

sorry no credit cards or paypal

Kripalu Bhajans

Pujay Sri Swami Kripalvanandaji was a great Saint and Yogacharya from Gujarat state, India His devotional songs have touched the hearts of thousands around the world.

This selection of songs contain the cream of his teachings and have been rendered into English so that they can be sung with the same melody as the original.

Leela Bruner was blessed with mantra diksha in 1978 and has devoted her life to service to her guru and to Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). Originally, these translations were done so that she would understand their deep meanings. She has been churning their lessons in her daily life for over 30 years and refining the wordage.

This book is finally published in a limited edition so that the Hindu children in America would have a connection with their rich spiritual culture in a language that they can understand and so that they can have some insights into what is in the heart of a saint.