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Leela Bruner is a profound and diversified astrological thinker investigating a wide range of metaphysical and scientific subjects. She has incorporated the creams of many years of yogic practices, personal life experiences, and astrological studies to bring about an artful, yet scientific approach to chart interpretation.

Leela's formal college education started in 1962 when she aspired to be a research mathematician. Marriage and family life altered this aspiration. Her world travels have helped to provide a clear grasp of cultural differences, thus adding sensitivity to different client situations.

She graduated cum laude in 1988 from Bellevue University with a B.F.A. in sculpture. The sculptural perspective to life allows Leela to see many sides of any situation. Leela put herself through college with an advertising business so she has a workable knowledge about what it takes to run a business.

Leela started her astrological studies in 1978 with the late Jim Steineman. She worked as Bob Mulligan's agent for over 10 years and has passed Astrology Information's Mastery of Astrology classes. She started her own practice in 1990. For the last 7 years, she has worked extensively on Power of Love Temple, and only worked part time as a professional Astrologer.

Why consult an Astrologer?

Perhaps you are just curious to what influence the position of the planets at the time of your birth has had to your life. When you have an in-depth session with Leela information will be uncovered that will help you to understand yourself, your actions and your interactions with others. Your strengths will be reaffirmed and your weaknesses will be addressed with tools given to help you transform that energy into the positive. This is the highest use and best reasons for an astrology session. Perhaps you want professional input for a particular situation or are ready to get to the root of some problem. Sometimes situations are a carry over from a previous life. Astrology is a fantastic tool for understanding your life as well as your relationships in a 'big picture' context.


When to make an appointment?

How about now? Email Leela

Sessions are usually scheduled one or two weeks from the time of making the appointment. 1/2 of the payment is required in advance and all prep-work is done in advance so your time is not wasted waiting for the math to be completed. Also Leela likes to study your chart and then churn it internally before the session. Leela does not do long distance telephone consultations. If you are a distance form the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, you can order a reading on cassette tape. This is usually about 90 minutes long. Questions can be submitted in advance. Best is a reading in person. For long distance sessions, questions are to be submitted before the reading and not after the reading is over. Readings are not done for others without written permission.


The word magic has its origin in the word magi which translated to mean Astrologer. Leela does not waive a magic wand so that all your problems will disappear but she will give you insights into yourself and your situation and can help facilitate your making educated decisions for the necessary changes in your life. She has no desire for you to become dependent on her, but rather works to help you to stand on your own two feet.


What to Expect?

Leela will do most of the talking but you are welcome to chime in at any time. Her approach is warm, gentle, friendly, positive, psychological and scientific. This is a very specific reading not a bunch of general information spit out via computer program. In the reading, Leela covers the planets, the houses, the aspects between planets, the signs, lunation cycles, 5 asteroids, the elements, secondary progressions and the transits for the year we are in. Also key years in the life and past lives are discussed. When astrological words are used they are clearly explained so your reading can also be a mini-astrology lesson, with you as the focus. Leela's forte is to put the logic back into astrological consultations. The session is tape recorded and you keep the tapes. Leela uses a western approach to astrology with a tropical system and placidus house cusps.

Only two questions are asked at the time of booking the reading: What is your marital status including all marriages and divorces and the number of your children including any miscarriages or abortions?

Fee $150 for long distance readings. $125 for person to person sessions. Total fee to be paid up front for long distance reading.

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