Rainbow Review is our newsletter. We felt like we hit the spiritual jackpot when we found and purchased this property and because it is so beautiful 365/24/7, David Loyd named it 'The Rainbow's End'. The newsletter comes out 4 times a year and is usually 12 pages long (the maximum amount to be mailed with one postage stamp).



Issues include:

a pictorial (as many as 60 photos) as well as, written description of all of the temple's activities.

one bhajan translation

detailed financial statement

featured gift item

feature article "honoring special people"

Leela's Leela - one page an issue telling of Leela's life.

Quarterly schedule / list of current temple supporters

Interesting articles and other stuff

Q. Well da! Why subscribe when I can just go on line and see what's happening?

A. Because this is one way you can offer your support for not only the temple but this website.

Subscribe today. $10 a year or be a Power of Love Temple supporter for $27+ a year which includes the newsletter. Please indicate if you do not want your name published in the newsletter.

Send your gift to: Power of Love Temple

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What goes around comes around.
Generosity breeds generosity.
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