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Sita, Gayatri, Chhinnamasta, Laxmi, Bhumi, Parvati/Shiva, Amba, Kali, Lakulish Parivar, Maheshwari, Saraswati, Yashoda/Krishna





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Ganesh is invocated at the beginning of any auspicious function. He wards off the obstructions and fulfills the devotee's wish. Another name for Ganesh is Ganapati. 'Ga' means spiritual knowledge, 'Na' means scientific knowledge and 'Pati' means leader. Ganapati is the Lord of both spiritual and material knowledge. 'Ganas' means senses. 'Esa' means the master. Worshippers of Ganesh acquire mastery over the senses and sense objects.

Ganesh is the personification of the Sanskrit symbol for Om. The elephant head represents the complete knowledge of the terrestrial and transcendental regions. The trunk represents intellect - the discrimination faculty. Ganesh's large belly indicates that a person of perfection can consume and digest any food and experience.

Our Ganesh is sitting on a bale of alfalfa, showing that Ganesh is not limited just to India and is comfortable right here in Midwest America. The display of food before him shows a complete surrender of all the gifts to the giver. The rat is his vehicle, it is the smallest of creatures, but the weight of Ganesh affects the rat in no way. This shows great concern and compassion for the poorest of the poor. The 4 hands represent mind, intellect, ego and consciousness. Ganesh is behind and beyond these and is the inner motivator.



Hanuman aided Rama (an avatar of Vishnu) in rescuing his wife, Sita, from the demon king Ravana. He symbolizes the pinnacle of devotion, and is also acknowledges by some as an avatar of Lord Shiva. He is known as the son of Vayu deva, or the wind god.

Hanuman epitomizes virtue, strength, humility, spiritual powers and courage. His unwavering dedication to righteousness, unstinting performance of entrusted duties, and unfailing talents served his master Rama. For his role in uniting Rama with Sita is likened to that of a teacher helping an individual soul realize the divine.

Hanuman is seen on the exterior of Power of Love Temple to the left of the front door. He holds a garland to place upon the devotees who enter the temple to honor the God that exists within each of them.

A scene from the Ramayan depicting the monkeys building a bridge to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita is shown at the base of this bas relief sculpture.


These sculptures are made out of stoneware, fired and glazed by Leela and are approximately 5 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

We recommend that everyone go around the outside of the Temple 3 times before entering. If you go around counter-clockwise you are undoing the past and if you go clockwise with your right shoulder towards the temple then you are honoring the temple.

Start with Ganesh who faces the east and then choose a direction.


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Sita, Gayatri, Chhinnamasta, Laxmi, Bhumi, Parvati/Shiva, Amba, Kali, Lakulish Parivar, Maheshwari, Saraswati, Yashoda/Krishna



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