Power of Love Temple - Sita

There are 12 Hindu Goddess Sculptures on the exterior of Power of Love Temple. Some people may say "too many gods and goddesses" however, these sculptures are a pictorial representation of different aspects and qualities all of the One Supreme Divinity, i.e. 'God'. Also there is no separation between God and Goddess just different ways of describing various energies. Lord Lakulish is the spouse of all of Mother Nature. In an equal relationship the two merge as one just as the lingam and yoni merge into the form of the temple itself.
Sita was the wife of Lord Rama and represents all that is beautiful in Mother Nature. Sita was born of the Earth and voluntarily returned to the Earth. Sita underwent many challenges in her life. She was kidnapped by the demon Ravana and rescued by Hanuman. When she returned to Rama's kingdom the village people did not believe that she was chaste. She underwent a trial by fire and proved that she had been faithful to her husband. However, in time the village men kept after Rama in disbelief and Sita was exiled to an ashram in the forest. After a decade or so, Rama realized that he had made an unfair decision and begged Sita to return. However, Sita declined and decided instead to merge with the Earth. This image represents purity, chastity, strength, courage and independence.

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