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The winter of 1999-2000 was cold but slight of snow. Leela was able to make the first sculpture: Ganesh sitting on a bale of alfalfa. Steve Kelley, Dale and Leela Bruner and Bophi made the dome's frame in the house.
Leela cut every piece of wood in the studio. Dave Buresh gave suggestions for framing each section and Steve came over a couple times a week and he and Leela assembled the sections. David Loyd and Dale helped assemble sections also.

Everyday the wind blew from a different direction, so pieces of wood were placed in strategic locations to block the wind.

Teresa Champ, David Loyd, Steve Kelley, David Buresh, Dale and Leela Bruner moved the sections to the temple site.


Putting up the temple walls started after all the sections were assembled.


Contractor Cat helped to install the first section. We held the sections in place as Dave Buresh secured them.


Eddith Buis drilled holes the the lumber before we hooked each section together so that we could run electrical lines.

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