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Building the dome was a complex project. Dale, Steve and Leela had assembled the sections. Here Leela is cutting the proper angle and Eddith Buis and Dale are screwing brackets to the ends.


We screwed the bracket onto the frame that would be the rim and the frame that would be the skylight. Steve stood in the center to fasten the brackets.

Leela used the scrap lumber from the cut outs for the windows for the skin of the dome.


Leela cut all the cedar shingles and with black felt behind, nailed them to the dome.


Steve climbed up on top with a grinder to smooth out any rough edges.... and Contractor Cat inspected the construction.



Again Steve got on top with a grinder making the area smoother for the skylight. The skylight was square and the opening was a circle. Technical difficulties ensued.



Eddith came over and helped Leela tape out the exact position for the dome onto the floor.


Eddith also helped to cut the black felt for dome and later also for the roof.

Dave Buresh suggested that we put a steel band and some cable around the top edge of the wall to give some strength. The pressure of the weight of the roof would be against the top of the walls. Steve helped him hold it into place.


Hank Raff came over a couple of times and helped to brace the walls as each section was installed.


Dale and Dave discuss the framing over the door.

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