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During the spring of 2000 we raised the walls and put a steel band for extra support for any snow load on the roof at the top of the walls.



Around the steel band Dale and Dave Buresh put two heavy steel cables. Dave is our neighbor and farmer who had the wisdom to connect the cables as well as to install the steel band.



Dale, Steve Kelley and Leela assembled scaffolding in preparation to receive the dome.


An extra coat of gold deck stain on the dome shingles.




The big day was on June 17, 2000 when we hired a boom truck to lift the dome on top of the rented scaffolding.




Raising the dome was a community effort. Again Dave Buresh had the insight to put the dome on skids and then attach straps to lift it with the boom truck.


With people below and people on top of the scaffolding we managed to inch it into place without doing any harm to the dome itself.


Our next door neighbor Mike Swanson was immense help with moving the dome not only into position but then muscling it so that Steve and Leela could check it out with plumb lines and the template circle on the floor. This way the design in the skylight would face the 4 directions.

Karma Yogis that day included:

Dave Buresh, David Loyd, Mike Swanson, Steve Kelley, Eddith Buis, Hank Raff, Martha Swanson, a couple of Dave's red headed helpers, Dale and a nervous Leela Bruner.

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