Power of Love Temple - Maheshwari

Maheshwari is seated on a bull which represents the seed of consciousness. Maheshwari stands for the power that gives individuality to the created beings. She resides in the hearts of all and makes them play like a puppet. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness that goes beyond the mind - as an observer. Awareness that we are all part of a whole (God energy) and are not different from each other. Awareness that we do not live in a vacuum and that our actions no matter how small, have in impact on the rest of the inhabitants on this Earth. That awareness extends from what is happening internally to all things in this physical world and their reflection in our universe. Awareness that we are not our body, or our clothes, or our mind, or our car, or our job, or our house, but are atma - soul.

Each and every one of us is divine spirit. A seed is a potential. Leela wanted to have that potential for divine equality as part of the temple. A seed is a source of development or growth. Maheshwari has a trisula (trident) and drum in her hands, showing knowledge of sound and the internal process of unlocking the knots in the body. Her other hands are giving blessings and receiving us.

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Om Shri Maheswaraiye Namaha






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