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Bhumi: In the Vedic literature, the earth is addressed as Mother Earth and personified as the goddess Bhumi. Reverence for the sea, soil, forests, rivers, mountains, plants, birds, and animals stems from a broader view of divinity. Life is an organic entity and the sea, soil, mountains, plants, and animals are inseparable parts of the cosmic web. Living in harmony with nature and recognizing that plants and animals have a purpose and right to be here is infused in her form.

Bhumi was Sita's mother. Thousands of years ago, Hindu sages realized that preservation of the environment and ecological balance were necessary for the survival of mankind. To create an awareness for preservation of the environment, the rishis taught that earth has the same relationship with man as a mother has with her child.

Bhumi on our temple is depicted in a green sari showing a connection to life in Spring. She is holding a shaft of wheat. There is a bowl of millet by her side. Millet is one of the oldest grains. She has a jar cradled on her left arm. It represents water and all the sacred rivers. She has an owl as her vehicle and a huge headdress.. One hand is raised in blessing. Bhumi traditionally gives blessings for fertility of the land; expansion and growth; profusion of natural resources; and protection of the natural environment.

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