At sunrise on September 20, 1998 at the Temple site, 6 devotees sang the entire Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. This was to purify the area with this sacred text. Four Gujarati guru-brothers (Ramesh Panchal, Thakor Patel, Mahen Panchal, and Kirit Shah) had flown in from around the United States and added their energy to this profound occasion. The day was overcast, but each time there was a verse in the Bhagavad Gita with reference to light, the sun would temporary push through and shine on our books, only to disappear behind the clouds when the verse was over. It was truly magical and in perfect timing with the higher forces.

The Bhumi puja and ground breaking service started at exactly 12:02 PM which was the exact time for the new moon in the constellation Virgo. Dr. Dash, in the role of Hindu priest, performed an ancient Sanskrit ceremony which asks permission from Mother Earth to dig into her so that she could be built upon. We told her it is not for us but for the temple which will be used in service for the greater good and to honor her.

A few gentle sprinkles graced the land at the appropriate time when the priest called for the water element. The symbolic trowel gently slide into the ground. The day before it was very difficult to even push a thin wire into the ground. This ceremony was so profound that Leela felt like she had Novocain in her left leg and foot. It was also as if the Earth had been anesthetized for the symbolic digging for Power of Love Temple.

Blessed milk with honey was offered by approximately 50 participants. Both Kripalu Aarti and Lakulish Aarti were sung in Gujarati. The group sang 'The Earth is our Mother' as part of the ceremony. Prasada was distributed by one of the devotees to the group.

Lakulish is the source of our yogic lineage. He was the Torchbearer of India. He was born during the new moon in Pisces in 2 AD, just shortly after midnight. Lakulish trained many disciples and Vedic culture was once again rejuvenated throughout India. Lakulish has now been reborn at noon into the light in the astrological sign just opposite of what it was almost 2000 years ago and at an auspicious time as our sun had just entered a photon band of light.

This day was declared 'a day of healing'. Many activities and lectures were scheduled as well as a silent auction and a delicious vegetarian lunch made by Kadambari (Sue Moon). 21 people volunteered to either teach classes or give mini assisted healing sessions.

Over 30 items were donated for a silent auction including some fine art and certificates for various therapies. The group opted to not have individual workshops but instead to enjoy each other and one or two lectures. In the true flexibility of yoga, everyone went with the flow and enjoyed some spiritual fulfillment.

There was no obvious donation box and it was a whole year before the funds were raised for with enough money for the cement foundation. Yet, this ceremony was the true foundation. Power of Love Temple was destined to be created.




History - 1998
Dale and Leela Bruner, Dr. Dash, Thakor Patel, Ramesh Panchal, Kirit Shah
Offering milk to Mother Earth
Kadambari, Dale and Thakor Patel
a song in honor of Mother Earth
Priya Hossack passes out blessed coconut
Enjoying lunch
Tai Chi Class in the early morning

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