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It wasn't until September of 1999 that we have enough funds to pay for the cement for the footings and floor for the temple.

Our neighbor Dave Buresh trenched the footings with his bobcat and stringer trencher - which broke about half way through.

Dale and Leela are shown with shovel and post hole digger.

Steve Kelley, Dale and Leela Bruner worked extensively anywhere it was needed. Dave Buresh's expertise was critical to the forming and pouring of the cement as well as for construction suggestions.



Steve is seen sitting on top of a pile of dirt playing his violin as Dave and Dale work on the radiant heating coils that are imbedded within the floor. Contractor cat was always there to inspect our work. Mostly Steve did heavy labor... yet he was always willing to treat us to a mini concert.



We put coins, about 500 semi precious stones, cob webs, gold plated violin strings, sand from the Tibetan Monks mandalas and pieces of the Berlin Wall into the foundation for their symbology and for subtle healing properties.



Eddith Buis and Sue Moon helped when we had the cement pour. We threw 6 different colors of cement dye upon the cement as it was being power toweled by Ken.



All photos except the few of Leela were taken by Leela. She was there every minute of all construction - just doesn't look that way with lack of photo documentation.



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