Power of Love Temple


Money can't buy anyone wealth.

It can't buy happiness or bring back good health

.It CAN fulfill a desire for material things

but never fills a human heart where loneliness stings.

It can't help you sleep with a clear mind at night,

Make your sick child well, give knowledge or insight.

Even if you have lots - to use as you wish,

It won't change your nature and make you unselfish.

It won't enlarge your ability to love.

It can't buy you God or grace from above.

Wealth is not money, big house, fancy cares or portfolio stocks,

It's God's creations: good water, ample rains and bountiful crops!

It's food from your garden, sound body and mind,

A home of happy people - sweet, humble and kind.

Wealth is extravangant beauties in music, architecure and the arts.

It's the time to appreciate storytelling and the message it imparts.

Wealth is having enough to help others, and help from friends in times of need.

Hospitality and leisurely hours to spend with the family - is the new creed.

It's lack of debt and freedom from obligations which burden the soul.

A job that supports the family without wretched hours is the goal.

Wealth is available to all of mankind.

To achieve it you must restructure your mind.

© Leela Bruner, 1995

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