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Again this year, Steve Kelley stained the temple dome and roof. It soaked up the stain like a thirsty sponge.

Leela decided to make a tile floor for the entry so that people could at least have a small experience of walking on hand made tiles. The design was a jigsaw nightmare. Andrea Howard came to the rescue. Even with photos of the wet clay - still it has hard to assemble.

Leela mounted the tiles to a cement backing boards and then glued those into place. The peacock is Brahma's vehicle and since another name for Lord Lakulish is Bhagwan Brahmeshwara, this seemed appropriate.

The front of the temple was looking too flat so Dale cut into the decorative shingles and added the trusses for the roof.

Meanwhile, Sriram (Tim Morgan) helped put decorative plaster on the inside of the porch area.

On a different day, Sriram helped Dale nail cedar shingles to the roof. These shingles also had the names of temple visitors and supporters written on the under side with sharpie markers.

Dale and Leela then put insulation and a finishing board on the underside of the roof.

The inside of the porch area was painted several different colors and washes until it ended up shades of mint green and peacock blue.

The last touch was ceramic tiles for around the temple door. Since Leela took all the photos there are none of this process - except the pile of tiles drying on a table.

The process of making the temple has been a joy and a blessing in itself. Over the years the cedar has weathered and will continue to get more brown and then in about 50+ years they will naturally turn silver. The temple continues to be a work in progress.



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Chanting in the temple to maintain it's holy vibration is also very important. As the years go on... the past events section will grow.