Only two things happened construction wise in the fall of 2005. One was the addition of the form of Lakulish on the exterior of the temple above the front door and the other was the installation of the mini-boiler a.k.a. Sri Rameshwarmer.

The boiler took a thicker electrical cable going to the temple, so first on the agenda was to replace that. Dale is seen digging out and exposing the old wire so that we didn't slice it when we were putting the new one in.

Then our hot water heater that we were using to heat the temple needed to be removed. First it had to be drained and then Dale and Sriram removed it on a snowing December day.

Doug D'Arcy brought over the mini-boiler and all the parts needed to be inventoried.


"Custom" must be the middle name for Power of Love Temple. Doug had to custom make all of the pipes and connect the pipes and gauges and faucets and expansion tank and safety valves and air vents and who knows what else.


Doug and Dale made a good team. Mostly Sriram and Leela just watched and played 'fetch it'. This involved a couple of trips into town to purchase fittings. Fortunately, Sriram had a 4 wheel drive vehicle and could make it up the lane easily.


John Steenson, Cathy's husband, did our electrical hook ups both with the mini-boiler and taking the new line into the temple. We feel very fortunate to have such talented and patient friends.




On Christmas day, Dale decided to tweak the system to make it even more efficient. Well, to make a long story short, he got some moisture in the motherboard and so at this moment this mini-boiler is not working. Just when I thought we could proclaim that the construction was finished, we will have at least one more page after the boiler is repaired. Also the line needs to be trenched for the electrical wire which is just running above ground all winter.
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