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Ah Summer and honest sweat!


Steve Kelley continued to stain the cedar shingles on the roof. Dale installed the electrical boxes and Yogi Garotica (Gary Carlson) helped to dig and move pink quartz around the exterior of the temple.


All the seams between the pieces of plywood needed to be filled with putty. Several Yoginis and Yogis came over to pitch in: including Shuchi (Adena Clarey), Nancy Scott, Suzanne Swang, Leo Hofmann and Garotica.





Supriya (Elaine Freeman) helped to apply a coat of primer to the interior. Leela took photos as usual so no photos of her doing any work.




Bill Clarey helped to remove the soil by the temple to make room for the pink quartz. Kandy Scott helped him. Dale moved the rock with the bucket of his almost antique Ford Tractor.




Leo Hofmann and Dale also moved rock with small buckets. Leo is offering some at the foot of Ganesh.


Contractor Cat is making sure that Dale picks just the right stones.



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