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A week before Archarya Yogendradev came, the push was on to clean. Kadambari (Sue Moon) vacuumed the floor, Steve Kelley cleaned the windows and Suzanne Swang helped to clean the floor.


Leela made one of the jyotirlinga skylight covers and Cathy Steenson installed it.

Yogi Garotica finished digging around the foundation for the rose quartz and Dale filled it with the Swanson's skid loader.

Cathy Steenson helped paint the speaker platform. Garotica and Dale made some more benches.

Cathy Steenson upholstered small and large benches and the platform so that we would have comfortable places to sit.

Dale put edging to hold the pink quartz.

Acharya Yogendradev's workshop will be in the 'past events' section. He donated all funds collected. We used that money to purchase the materials for the remaining 11 jyotirlinga skylight covers.


Dale installed the skylight covers.

Our pocket doors were coming off the hinges and all the hardware was recessed behind the woodwork. Our son Kent looked this over to give us some ideas on how to fix it. Vanamurthy Sundara came up with the final solution.

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