The skylight designs are 24 inches square. Somanath is the first one to the left of the entry as you enter the womb. The shadowed areas on the photos are due to the sunlight as it comes through the skylight itself.
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Somanath Jyotirlinga at Somnath Patan, near Veraval in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat on the west side of India is believed to destroy sorrows. A devotee who worships this Jyotirlinga gets cured from incurable diseases, enjoys all kinds of worldly pleasures and attains salvation.

The great sage Atri and his wife Anasuyaa prayed to God to give them a child with the qualities of valor, creativity, riches and beauty so that the world can experience tranquility. They performed austerities to Lord Shiva and were blessed with a son.

The child radiated a unique feeling of tranquility and coolness and was named Chandra (Moon). Chandra desired to have a wife but only one who had equal energies. He met Rohini, an extremely beautiful, very intelligent girl with energies comparable to Chandra's energies. However, Rohini had 26 sisters, and they had decided that they all marry together and have one husband in common. The one stipulation of Rohini's parents was that all sisters be treated equally.

Uneasiness ensued as the other sisters were not enthusiastic about Chandra. Then Tara, the wife of the guru of devatas, fell in love with Chandra. Rohini reasoned with Chandra that his behavior was not proper and was damaging to his own activities and goals because it brought loss of family harmony, health, balance, peace and calm. When Rohini's father found out he cursed Chandra that his beauty, intelligence and vitality would be lost. The 27 wives saw this loss and felt they were at fault and had overreacted and begged their father to lift the curse. But the father had used up all his energy in negativity giving the curse.

Lord Brahma advised Rohini and Chandra to do austerities to Lord Shiva. After about 4,000 years, Lord Shiva was pleased and blessed that Chandra's (the moon's) energies would increase for 15 days and then be dormant for 15. The Shiva linga at Somnath was established by them. The 27 wives of Chandra became the phases of the moon.

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