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If you have ever played pick up sticks you can appreciate how the common rafters were added between the dome and the exterior walls.


With help from Dave Buresh, Steve Kelley, Evan and Sarah Bisbee and Leela, Dale would attach as many rafters as he could and then after study of the structure, he would remove one piece of scaffolding and then attached another rafter.


Dave Buresh put every inch of concentration and muscle into drilling the holes to attach the steel band to the temple.





Framing the walls around the entry and closets was the next phase.


We kept 12 ft. 4x4's attached to the dome until we finished the whole roof including shingling.




Liz Bisbee brought both of her children over and we put them to work. Sarah is making sure that each one of the rafters has the same pitch.


Bophi, the Maltese dog, poses in the temple entry.

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