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Steve Thyberg was a gift from God. The framing of the roof over the entry had so many mathematical challenges. The closets were triangles and this had to meet up to 2 different sloped roofs and not only was one a 4/12 pitch it was also circular. Steve used to be a geometry teacher and he had expertise in building theater sets. Furthermore he happily volunteered his help. Wow!

Steve Thyberg is shown in the upper left hand corner on the ladder. Steve Kelley is helping him.


We filled in the plywood for the roof sheathing from the top down and Dale is seen through the skylight opening, With 14 skylights construction was never boring.


Steve Thyberg is seen putting the support boards in place. Each board was very individual and required several trips up and down the ladder until it was ready to screw into place. This was a long process.


The helpers for this portion of the roof were the Steve Thyberg, Steve Kelley, Kadambari and Dale and Leela Bruner.






Of course we needed to work daily to at least get some black felt on the room to protect the plywood. It was becoming clear to everyone who visited that we had brought the term custom building project to a new level.



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