What does chanting mean to you?

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Chanting is a way to realize that I am not alone in my search for god. It is a way to join my hearts cry for union with God with the cry of others. When I choose to add the energy of my chanting to that of others, along with the intrinsic power of repeating the "Names", it breaks down and removes what separates me from God and others, e.g. self-absorption, pride, and fear. Chanting is a powerful way to realign and focus or open up my energy centers. Chanting is a profound form of meditation, it supports and propels forward other efforts on the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga. Chanting is a practical way to desensitize to the scrutiny of others, regarding my voice, my rhythm, my choices, the "music that comes out of me", to be less concerned about the opinion of others and to lose my self in love for God. Most of all, chanting is my prayer to God to come to me and carry me across to the other shore, from darkness to light. - Sriram (Dr. Timothy Morgan)
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It is hard for me to put into words what chanting means to me as the experience takes me to a place beyond language and understanding. Chanting is an intensely heartfelt experience where I let go of the concept of myself as a small and limited being. Chanting allows me to surrender myself to the Divine and it is a means to express and experience a deep sense of love and connection to something larger than myself. Chanting opens my heart and brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Whether I am in a group of 2 or 20, the process of bringing our breath and our voices into harmony creates a sense of community and belonging that is hard to find anywhere else. When chanting I feel I have come home to myself. It is the fastest way for me to feel intensely present, joyful and alive. - Shri Vidyarani Ma (Lisa Hofmann)