Bobby Runions, Mike St. Cross, Steve Kelley and Leela Bruner installed the Amba sculpture.

Every year in November Steve Kelley gets up on the temple roof and wraps a sand snake around the skylight in the top of the dome which has an open area for exhausted air to escape.

Because we were loosing so much heat and getting a cold breeze around the pocket doors, we decided that we would add a small porch area - sort of like a vapor lock. But we still wanted air flow in the summer and as much light as possible. So we opted for 2 windows that open to the sides and a sliding glass door. Dale, the master of the power screw driver, helped to install this section.

Bobby Runions, Mike St. Cross and Joyce Linnbrunner installed the decorative trip over the door that Leela had made previously. Even though this area was not insulated yet, it still made a huge difference.



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