The pad that we had under the circular carpet was a second hand freebie. Unfortunately when anyone walked on it it flaked out the sides. Our Pot Belly Yoga Group decided to fix it. Steve Kelley, Bobby Runions, Elaine Freeman and Leela are cutting and taping carpet pad. Then a wild and crazy scissors maniac posed by Steve. Below this Supriya (Elaine Freeman) is helping Steve with duct tape.



Dale is back to electrical duty putting outlets on the inside and outside of the porch.



Two more tube lights were installed. One with Jai Bhagwan which is the greeting used by the Kripalu Lineage and the other is Sita Rama the greeting used by the Dhyanyoga lineage.




During the early spring Leela made the Bhumi and the Lakulish Parivar sculptures and Leela is seen with a grinder trimming the edges so that it would fit into the sculpture well.

Cathy and Jaime Steenson came over and helped Dale and Leela install the sculptures.



Leela is testing a form for around the porch window - although this one was not used.


Leela and Dale put together the trusses for the roof over the porch and Leela started making the hand made tile floor for the entry,


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