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It was the end of March and we had a special satsanga coming. In order to not have a muddy mess we opted for a cement patio in front of the Temple.

At first Leela had thought a bimorphic shape - something unusual instead of straight geometric. Then in the night it came to her, instead of fight it - embrace the square. The design was there in a flash. Quickly, she made the 3 wings so that they would be ready before Dave Buresh, our concrete man, came.

Dave was instrumental in his expertise for the foundation and his help with the temple walls. No job seems to be too complicated.... and for sure this was an artistic break from usual concrete work.

Garotica (Gary Carlson) was there to help every step of the way. The two of them leveled the forms and the next day worked the pour.

Kadambari (Sue Moon) came by to help put the cement dye on and help with the decorative swirls - but the cement truck was late and she only had time to put her energy into pouring on cement dye.

Garotica and Leela worked fast to scribe in all the decorative swirls.

Dave cut the expansion joints so that it would have the feel of sari pleats. Garotica helped him to get them started at just the right point.


The next day, Dale and Dave removed the forms and Dale put sod over the dirt as we didn't want a muddy mess for the special satsanga with Yogi Amrit Desai on April 17th.