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The winter of 2001 - 2002 was also a mild winter and there were only a couple of snow storms so we were able to get lots accomplished. Dale is seen here hooking up the pump to the hot water heater for our radiant heatiing coils in the temple floor.


Steve Kelley is installing one of the Ram Gayatri mantra light fixture.


Leela is sawing lumber for the light fixture.... and Dale is ploughing our lane during one of our blizzards.


Steve made about a million trips up and down the ladder. Well, Leela did also. Steve would measure for the insulation and then Leela would cut it and hand it up to him and he would push it in between the rafters. This proceedure was repeated over and over until all the insulation was used up and more was purchased.






Mike Swanson had donated some foil back insulation and Steve is putting it above the windows and lights.





Dale is on the ladder installing the electrical cords that would run the lights for the dome and for the 3 ceiling fans.


Leela could hardly wait to get this ceiling covered as this was the least aesthetically beautiful the temple had been. But we were loosing so much heat through the roof, it had to be done.

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