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A wild woodpecker decided that it wanted darshan of the dome. No damage was done.

Leo Hofmann had his virgin experience with a power screwdriver as he helped to install some lumber above the sculpture wells.

Brandy Bruner knew what she was doing as she helped her Grandma by climbing up the ladder and installing a board. No need to ask twice.

Contractor cat inspects the work.



Steve Kelley is installing the speaker cords for the sound system and then checking out the acoustics with his violin.




You can see by these two pictures that Leela isn't the only one who saws wood around here.



When it came to installing the 4'x 8' sheets of plywood on the ceiling, most of the time it was just Dale and Leela, so we cut a board the pitch of the ceiling and put another piece of plywood on that and covered it with a towel. Then we could wedge it into place to hold the lumber while Dale screwed and nailed. We put screws wherever there were support board cross pieces and nails to finish securing it. We named this make shift tool 'Ramesh' after my gurubhai.



Dale is doing more electrical duty.