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We were not getting enough air flow from the top skylight so Dale cut some holes in the base of the skylight and a big hole in the top and then Steve Kelley and Dale installed a circular dome that had brackets to lift it and allow for air flow.


With so many trips up and down ladders, Leela's knees were giving her problems. One day Shelley Gillum came and said that Spirit told her that she should come and give 2 days work. There was an area that was higher because of the slope of the land and Shelley climbed up the ladder and troweled the stucco that Leela made on ground level. This was a huge blessing and help. Like Steve Thyberg, Shelley was a gift from God at just the right time.



Leela is roughing the styrofoam to give it a tooth for the stucco.


Jerry Rico and Dale cut and routered the lumber that became the molding around the top interior wall.


Sue Moon (Kadambari) applied some plaster spirals on the inside door.


Mahendrabhai Panchal thought we should have blue lights around the dome.... so he is changing light blubs here.


These History pages are just on construction. See the Past Events pages for photos of special guests and activities.