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January and February brought huge snow storms. Leela was forced into seclusion but continued to work making the exterior sculptures. This winter and early spring 5 of the goddess sculptures were created. The process has been shown in past years of this history section.






Also the base of the outhouse was made. Andrea Howard (Not shown in photo) helped to make the base.




Mike St. Cross, Steve Kelley, Carolyn Moon with Bophi and Dale and Leela installed the goddess sculptures.







The cement stain that we power troweled into the cement floor really took a beating over the years. Trying to touch up the stain just didn't work so Leela decided to paint the floor.

A paper pattern was cut from paper. Leela made a faux marble edge and when that was dry, she taped the pattern. Then she painted a layer of red paint. After it dried Shuchi (Adena Clarey) came and helped. First a second layer of red was applied and then 3 colors were thrown on the floor and swept it in with a broom in an abstract pattern. This was then rolled with a dry paint roller. This process is also talked about in the womb floor section.

The beginning of the Outhouse: floor, top and throwns.
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