With more and more people attending our workshops and the upcoming Workshop with Bob Mulligan, the push was one to make some more meditation benches. Cathy Steenson and her two children Luke and Jaime along with Sue Schneider came to the rescue.

We also needed to get the outhouse ready. Over the years whenever anyone would mention temple building, Leela would quickly say "we need an outhouse." This was a big test for their ego, which usually got in the way. A majority flunked this test.

What is it that people don't like about outhouses? They are dark and smell and are not fun, but a place you want to get into and get out of in a hurry. But not our privy.

Mike Swanson scrounged some 50 gal. barrels and came over and drug the hole with his back hoe. He was done so fast there was no time for photos. Dale is by the inverted laundry baskets with the bottoms cut out - a funnel to go under the thrown.

Kay Rockwell, Steve Kelley and Steve Thyberg were the karma yogis. With Steve Thyberg's expertise he and Leela were able to put up the framework in a couple of hours. Dale used left over steel from his pole barn to form the walls. Beth Swanson with the help of Bophi cleaned the metal for the trim.

Carolyn Moon came over and painted stars on the thrown.

After the outhouse was completed the focus switched to finishing the interior of the dome. All of the overlay boards were cut and stained ahead of the installation time,

Bobby Runions and his daughter Crystal came over and helped clean the sawdust and rough edged and extra material from inside of the cut outs. Earlier on the decorative trim for the rim of the dome, Bhadrakali (Melanie McLeod) walked up the hill to help clean those cut outs.

Steve Thyberg takes a break 3 large windows with a view of the woods, skylights and psycho-ceramic art transforms our old outhouse viewpoints. The confessional



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