Power of Love Temple was formally dedicated in loving memory of Swami Kripalvanandaji (Bapuji/Kripalu) and the Lakulish lineage (Dadaji/Bhagwan Brahmeshwara. Let it stand for ALL the loving relationships that exist between all sadagurus/disciples and God/devotee.

Dr. Aleka Dash was our priest for the puja and havan which began at 9 am inside the Temple.

Puja is performed to show our love and respect to God and seek blessings.

A complete puja consists of 16 steps.

1. Invoke God's spirit to enter the form in front of us and accept our prayers.

2. Offer the Lord a seat that is higher than our own.

3. Water is offered to wash the feet

4. Water is offered to wash the hands.

5. Water is offered to rinse mouth and refresh.

6. Bathe the from of God with mixture of milk, yogurt, honey and ghee and rinse with clear water.

7. Offer cool, fragrant sandalwood paste.

8. Offer sacred thread to symbolize a state where knowledge is acquired and kumkum as a sign of respect and good wishes.

9. Rice grains colored with kumkum are offered symbolic of prosperity, long life and fertility.

10. Fresh fragrant flowers and leaves are offered.

11. Burn incense to purify the air.

12. Lighting the lamp to remove ignorance and unhappiness.

13. Freshly cooked food is offered.

14. Aarti - praying while a traditional lamp is shown in front of the god.

15. Walk 3 times around shrine and touch forehead to ground. This is a sign of total humility, respect and surrender.

16. Sing praises to the Lord.

Many devotees and well wishes gathered for this ceremony and puja. Dr. Dash was good to explain everything that he did in English which was much appreciated.

Gurubhai Mahendra Panchal is seen blowing the conch as well as Veronica Wester. The lady in the colorful sari is Leela sitting next to her husband Dale.

The next pages show the Havan and the finishing of the puja, Leela giving a talk and lunch as well as Mahen Panchal leading us in chanting the Gita.

No photos were taken of Dr. Morales's talk on the Bhagavad Gita or of the satsanga in the evening.


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