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April 17 was a beautiful Spring day. The group waited outside the temple for our special guest to arrive. Mama Kiki and Irl are putting some white sand in the decorative concrete swirls. Upper left photo.

As Yogi Amrit Desai (Leela's guru-brother) arrived the group entered and we began our satsanga.


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Amritji asked Leela if she had a copy of their Bapuji's bhajans. With only one copy with both the Gujarati and English they needed to share.

Amrit told stories of his meeting and serving Bapuji (Kripalu).


Tim Morgan had asked Leela for a Sanskrit name, so there was a little ceremony for when he became Sriram.



The evening was filled with singing, laughter, and blissful states of meditation. It is best summed up in these 3 words.







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