The Dome
One of the favorite activities at the temple is what we call 'the experience'. Even before the interior of the dome was finished it was spectacular and we found it relaxing and healing and totally magical to be in such a centered and calm space. With soft background music we chant 'I am that I am' , 'You and I are one', other affirmations and mantras as we gaze up into the dome.
If this section is about the dome, why is this picture of people laying on the floor?

This is a view of the dome at night. It looks totally different in the daylight. It is organic and feels alive with energy. The spokes are carved with holographic paper inserted behind the cut outs. In the daytime it shows a rainbow of colors that subtly change as your eye moves. Also in the daytime wisps of colors are seen as if birds have every so slightly brushed against the background color.

There is a skylight behind the hub of this 3 dimensional chakra (wheel). The rim of the hub and of the edge is blue and carved so that multicolored Christmas- type lights shine through.

The pseudo-stained glass skylight design in the center of the hub is symbolic of the 7 chakras. The form associated with the base chakra is a square, the 2nd chakra is the crescent moon, the 3rd is the triangle, 4th is the 6 pointed star, 5th is a sphere, 6th is the lingam (this with the shape of Lakulish merged), and the 7th is the crown and is beyond form so the lotus petals were used. It is as if a higher energy is looking down upon us and sees one chakra within another, within another. The colors are not accurate in this photo. Must be seen to be appreciated.

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