Aarti is a humble ceremony in which light is symbolically offered to God. All day long God gives us the divine light of His /Her blessings which sustains us. Aarti is a time when we offer back the light of our thanks, our love and our devotion. Our little light is nothing compared to the divine light which shines on us all day... yet we offer it in thankfulness accompanied by words of appreciation.

Brahmeshwara Aarti also known as Lakulish Aarti was written in Gujarati by Swami Kripalvanandaji. The English translation includes an extra verse sung only in Power of Love Temple.


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Brahmeshwari Aarti

Transliterated to English


Bhajan Base

Brahmeshwara Aarti

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji, Prabhu jaya Brahmeswaraji

Sakala brahmandana swami sakala brahmandana swami Nirmala nishkami,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . .


Brahma banine aapa brahmando rachata Prabhu brahmando rachata

Vishnu banine sahunu, Vishnu banine sahunu Paripalana karata,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . . .


Shiva banine samhara srushti no karata Prabhu srushti no karata

Harava dharanino bhara, harava dharanino bhara Yuge yuge avatarata,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . . . .


Devi rupe aapa kali ne amba Prabhu kali ne amba

Radha tulasi reva, radha tulasi reva Gayatri ganga,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . .


Kayavarohane aapa kayaman utarya Prabhu kayaman utarya

Lakulisha rupe vishvaman, Lakulisha rupe vishvaman Bhakti gnyana bharya,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . .


Purata manoraho aapa bhakt na manana Prabhu bhaktona manana

Harata sahu santapa, harata sahu santapa Dina dudkhi janana,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . . . . .


Aapa ja mata ne tat, Bhagini ne bhrata Prabhu bhagini ne bhrata

Aapa ja guru sukhadata, aapa ja guru sukhadata Tripurati trata,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . . . . . .


Kripalu Bhagavan charanoman rakho Mane charanoman rakho

Koti karun chun pranam, koti karun chun pranam Shuddha bhakti aapo,

Om jaya Brahmeshwaraji . . . . . . . . . .

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